Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Taking Over Mars

2014: Jack some nukes from the government. Arrange the uranium and build two rockets.
2015: Secretly, launch large rocket into orbit. Fly small rocket to Mars and survey.
2016: Remote-control large rocket to Mars orbit. Build a docking station and use it to push Mars.
2031: Stop Mars near the orbit of Venus, and flood it with melt water from the poles.
2033: Use extra uranium to build more nukes. Blow up Ike if he threatens.
2035: Complete building habitats. Hang out until I die.
2067: Potentially, complete memiors: Stranded in Paradise.

Hopefully, after this, I will be able to live away from annoying comrades and haphazard bus schedules. And no, you can't come with me.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Typewriter, Typewriter

Typewriter is the longest word in English typed only with the top row of keys. I had to share that.

With that, here's a strange poem involving this concept:

Only the top row
two petri typewriter writeup
Only the left hand
gassed were ed; fred were sad
Only the middle row
glad gas, salad lad's gal
Only the right hand
pin yip: kill
Only the bottom row

Reminiscent of my childhood, this ditty reminds me of the foolishness within us. And our computers. (yes, there is a secret in the last line)