Sunday, May 16, 2010

My First CD

Way back when I was a little kid and first got into music. I had my sister help me burn a CD out of her library of Dave Matthews songs. Today, I dug up the case of that CD, onto which I'd written the names of the songs. Below, the first 11 songs I ever liked.
The CD is gone, but the list goes:

Grey Street - Creepily enough, I liked this song because it reminded me of my babysitter.
Warehouse - My all-time fave.
When the World Ends - I really loved this song for some reason which escapes me now.
Stay or Leave - I'm pretty sure my sister made me put this on. Possibly the live bonus disc version.
The Space Between
Dreams of our Fathers - This was basically my emo jam.
If I Had it All - I would listen to this while building Legos.
Angel - When I had a crush on a girl in 2nd grade, this song reminded me of her.
Mother Father
Gravedigger (acoustic) - This was probably my sister's idea as well.

7 from "Everyday," 2 from "Some Devil," one from "Busted Stuff," and Warehouse, which was from some live release that I can't remember. Likely "Listener Supported."
The reason the label is all torn up is because I didn't realize how to insert it, so I just glue-sticked it in. Then tore off the edges.